Marcus Vinicius de Aguiar Paixao

Developer wordpress Front End backend C# Mobile

At 20 years old, my academic and professional trajectory is characterized by continuous learning and evolution. In 2022, I completed the Systems Development Technician course at Etec Prof. Basilides de Godoy and, currently, I am deepening my studies in the Higher Technology course in Systems Analysis and Development at UNIP, where I am studying the 2nd semester.
I started my professional career as a customer service intern at Divino Fogão, an experience that taught me a lot about serving the public. Later, I had the chance to work in the Customer Service and Telemarketing department at Faculdade Hotec, where I was able to improve my communication and problem-solving skills, within the Faculty, as time went by, I took on new challenges at the same institution, achieving the position of IT Technician. In this role, I was in charge of supporting customers and employees, taking care of the installation and maintenance of network infrastructure, assembly and maintenance of computers, installation of operating systems, data security, among other responsibilities.
Nowadays, I work as a Technical Support Analyst at Locaweb for the Kinghost product, where my role is to provide high-quality technical support. My work involves direct interaction with customers through communication platforms such as chat and WhatsApp. I am committed to effectively resolving any issues that may arise in relation to hosting and technical issues relating to hosted websites.

With what I have experience

WordPress responsive website

I have the ability to build a professional institutional website, an e-commerce website and a landing page using WordPress. By integrating the best plugins on the market, I can create a website that is fully responsive, fast and optimized for search engines. My goal is to help your brand establish a strong online presence and provide your customers with a satisfying user experience.

Coding in different languages

With my programming skills, I can assist in coding C# programs with an efficient MySQL database. Additionally, I can help with web programming, using languages such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and ASP.NET to create a rich and engaging online experience.

Multiplatform Mobile Development

I have some experience in mobile development using Flutter/Dart to create apps for iOS and Android, I highlight my skill with the Cosmic Vision app, able to connect to NASA's APOD API to display the image of the day. Developing applications with personalized user experiences, I am an ideal candidate for teams looking for a highly skilled developer.

Code Control with Git and Github

I have an excellent ability to control code through the use of Git and GitHub. With the experience acquired during my technical course, I became a qualified professional capable of maintaining project version control in an efficient and organized way. In addition, my ability to collaborate with other members of your team, using the tools available on online platforms, allows work to be carried out more quickly and efficiently.


Technologies that I have dominance



English - Reading and Interpretation

Experience and ease with systems

Proactivity and empathy



Good interpersonal relationship

Creative and dynamic

Ease of talking to people

Completed Projects

Academic Education

Academic Education

02/2024 - Studying

Technologist in Systems Analysis and Development

Studying the 2nd semester in In-person mode at night with a workload of 2,520 hours - Completion in 2025

01/2022 - 06/2023
Etec Profº Basilides de Godoy

Systems Development Technician

On-site course of 1 year and a half and total workload of 1,200 hours — Concluded in 2023


High school

Extracurricular courses

Extracurricular courses

Paula Souza Center

design and photoshop

30-hour online course

Paula Souza Center


30-hour online course

06/2019 - 12/2019

Microcomputer Operator

Courses with a workload of 320 hours certified by SENAI

01/2019 - 06/2019

Installer Electrician with NR10

Courses with a workload of 320 hours certified by SENAI

Hard Skills













soft skills

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Proactivity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Resolution
  • Interpersonal relationship


Professional Experience

Looking for a job opportunity!

05/2024 - Current
Locaweb (LWSA)

Technical support analyst

I hold a position in the operation of Kinghost, a division of Locaweb, where I am responsible for providing high-quality technical support. My role involves direct interaction with customers through communication platforms such as chat and WhatsApp. I am committed to efficiently resolving any issues that may arise regarding hosting and technical issues associated with hosted websites. My goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and continuity of services provided.

02/2024 - 05/2024

Technical Support Specialist

I provided technical support at Atento for the Lenovo product for 3 months, during this period I worked to identify and resolve problems, conducting real-time diagnostics or forwarding cases to Lenovo's specialized repair team. My commitment was to offer humanized, agile and efficient service, ensuring customer satisfaction in each interaction.

07/2023 - 12/2023
Hotec College

IT Technician

As an IT Technician at Faculdade Hotec, I provided technical support to all students at the Educational Institution as well as all its employees, this support could be in person with maintenance and configuration of machines or virtually via remote access, in addition, I am responsible for installation and maintenance of network infrastructure, assembly and maintenance of computers, and complete installation of operating systems. In addition to ensuring the security of the college's data and systems. I highlight my efficiency, ability to solve problems and constant updating of IT technologies.

03/2022 - 07/2023
Hotec College

Social media analyst

Updating Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and Likedln) with content about new and ongoing courses, managing Live Streaming on YouTube and Instagram, creating a WordPress website completely from scratch and making updates with new content and updated dates of courses and art creation for social networks.

10/2021 - 03/2022
Hotec College

Intern at Call Center

I worked as an intern at the call center at Faculdade Hotec and carried out the following activities: customer service in person and over the phone, closing/unlocking enrollment, preparing spreadsheets in Excel, registering students in the Sophia system, and offering our courses and services.

06/2021 - 10/2021
divine stove


I worked as an intern at Divino Fogão at the Frei Caneca shopping mall, for 4 months. I performed functions such as: customer service, answering questions, cash front, cash closing, stock organization, among others.


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