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I developed an online store in WordPress with Elementor and Woocommerce as the main plugin, the online store was developed only as a personal project for a portfolio without any profit or monetization, but if anyone is interested in purchasing it ready to adapt the project doors are open, check out in more detail all the technologies used:

  1. Creation Platform: I developed the complete website on the open source WordPress and Woocommerce E-commerce platform.

  2. Layout Plugin: On the Front-End, I used the Elementor page creation plugin with Elementor Pro, and a few more add-ons for Elementor for a fluid, modern and competitive view of the market.

  3. E-commerce: I used the Woocommerce plugin together with the Mercado Pago payment gateway to make payment possible with all card brands, in addition to bank slips and even PIX, with this the Virtual Store ecosystem was complete, making it possible to make a purchase from scratch to the end.

  4. Speed: To leave the project with great results in Page Speed, I used the perfect WP Rocket plugin to make the site as fast as possible for the client so they don't lose focus.

  5. Full website: In addition to the entire virtual store ecosystem, the website has pages focused on the store itself, such as the About page and the Contact page, which do not necessarily enter the system of an online store, but enrich the website, making it more complete and attractive to the customer. which can prove the veracity of the store, in addition to the entire project being 100% responsive to any screen of any size, thus helping viewing and purchasing anywhere the customer is

I invite you to check out my first personal “professional” completely authorial project. I look forward to bringing my experience and skills to new projects and opportunities.

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Complete virtual store for Sneakers lovers, the store has a complete website with all the information regarding the store itself, as well as the total possibility of purchasing Sneakers